The Bride

The charms of love your words reveal,
And hearkening to them I feel,
I am afire with passion for you,

And, surely, you feel so, too.

Francesco Petrarca


The morning after the wedding reception. The beautiful girl in the veil is a symbol of innocence and purity. Her heart is filled with confusion and doubts. There is no way back. She is now putting on the wedding ring and now taking it off.  Doubts torture her.

The ring as a closed circumference symbolizes a whole entity and unity. It has neither a beginning, nor an end and is therefore associated with eternity and endlessness. Its central opening is the place, which the heavenly power and the divine breath go through. The ring stands for connection, union or vow and for that reason the wedding ring is used for signifying the eternal union of two hearts, marital fidelity and harmony. 

The veil is a symbol of innocence and purity. Our ancestors believed that the veil protects the bride from evil spirits. After the birth of a child, the pram with the baby was covered with the veil for the same purpose – to protect the child from evil spirits.